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Top Best
Top Best UNIX/Linux SoftwareLicensesRateVotes
1GSview (.rpm)

GNU GPL10.006
2Kylix Open Edition (.tar)

3RAR for Linux (.tar)

4Enlightenment project (.rpm)

GNU GPL10.002
5SciGraphica (.rpm)

GNU GPL10.002
6Compiere (.tar)

Mozilla License10.002
7Opera (.rpm)

8MPlayer G2 (.tar)

GNU GPL10.002
9XMMS X MultiMedia System (.rpm)

GNU GPL10.002
10Skencil Sketch (.rpm)

GNU LGPL10.002
11GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program (.tar)

GNU GPL10.002
12VLC - VideoLAN (.tar)

GNU GPL10.002
13BeFree project (.tar)

GNU GPL10.002
14MRTG Multi Router Traffic Grapher (.tar)

GNU GPL10.002
15GhostScript (.tar)

GNU GPL9.9111
16LCC (.tar)

17Corel PHOTO-PAINT (.tar)

18Partition Image (.tar)

GNU GPL9.333
19TinyCOBOL (.tar)

20ERP5 Community (.rpm)

GNU GPL9.002
21VMware Workstation (.rpm)

22WordPerfect Personal Edition (.gz)

23Adobe Reader (.tar)

24StarOffice 5.2 (.bin)

25Perl Builder (.tar)

26AbiWord Personal (.tar)

GNU GPL7.502
27PostgreSQL (.rpm)

BSD License7.003
28JBuilder Personal Edition (.tar)

29OpenOffice.org (.tar)


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